Ho, Ho, HOME!

IMG_3126When the radio stopped working in West Texas, I was pretty certain that the universe was testing my resolve. I mean, the desert expanses and border patrol vehicles whirling past could keep my interest for only so long. The inconvenience was soon forgotten as Big Bend National Park took my attention. Between the mountain hiking that swept my breath away—from beauty and elevation—to the Rio Grande that offered a hot spring with a view of Mexico, I was enchanted. I darted around the park like a kid in a candy store. I thought Texas was only about oil and cowboy hats—and it is that too, but not entirely.  Continue reading


Utah-opia: Paths with Pie

IMG_1769When traveling, everyone should do something a little out of step from the regular routine. Whether that something is sleeping late—or not sleeping at all—leisurely reading for hours on end, or perhaps indulging in a bit of extravagance. For me, I love pie and coffee whether I am traveling or not; however, it seems when I travel, the desire to find pie is accelerated. I know there are cake people out there who just are not going to get this, but for me on the rolling pin of life—give me PIE.

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Slowing Down the Cowgirl

IMG_1010The weather has been my friend, even when the sunny days and star filled nights were replaced with wind, rain, and temperatures that dropped by forty digits. Truthfully, I prefer weather that is clear and I prefer weather that offers warmth, but obviously that is not always possible. What is possible, is slowing up with the cooling temperatures and taking in a few gems along the path. Continue reading