Night Sounds

IndianaphotoBefore I pulled out of Greensboro my friend Steve stopped by and one of his last sips of advice was to remember the sounds of the night disappear at light. Everything is better with the sunlight. I swallowed this advice: So True.


There have been some sounds, but I imagine there will be far more to write about. The first night, as I tossed and tumbled around thinking about selling my tent and sleeping bag, an owl gave a low but light call. Not something you imagine when you think baritone barredd owl. This was possibly an adolescent—out past his bedtime (and mine!) My first reaction: “Wow, that was worth the price of admission.” Ten minutes later: “ENOUGH Already!”

Two nights ago in the Indiana Dunes National Park the sky was clear and I could see the stars as the crescent moon was disappearing. I could hear the Beverly Shores train coming through and I-94 is not that far off thus the campsite had a slight urban feel. Once settled into my mummy sack with headlamp and reading John Steinbeck, I heard the wind pick up….just ever so much, no Santa Ana Winds. I fell asleep good and hard (thank you Bedtime Tea!) Around midnight small scratching noises were dancing on my tent top. What the heck? Animal? Insect? Rodent? I lay quiet, discerning the noises and deciding it was not a bear. (Good thing since I left the bear spray in the car!) As soon as the wind paused, so did the noise. Hmm. I laughed. I just had my first night fright from leaves and falling acorns which was all to be confirmed by the morning light. Since the acorn is my adopted lucky symbol from the hiking path in England which uses it as a trail blazer, I figured this was a good sign and the fact there were no paw prints.

Now in the Midwest and firmly set into the central time zone. Thus for my friends who noted my decade discretion on the last post, let me just say thank you…however I am going back in time, so perhaps I really am still in my fourth decade. At least in my mind. 🙂