What’s Your Narrative

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A Month of Milestones

IMG_1390A little over a month has passed since taking on this escapade. A few travel milestones in seeing America:

10 National Parks visited: 6 for camping

5 State Parks: 4 for camping

2 National Forests: 2 for camping

1 City Park…all about camping

10 States Covered: 9 states camped in

32 Nights on the road: 25 nights in the tent, 7 nights with joyous friends: Christie, Beth, Tiffin, and one lovely Airbnb & one cowboy hotel

One might believe that I am starting to learn a thing or two about a camper’s life style.

Let me dispel that myth.

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Finding the Grand in the Tetons

IMG_1150The Iphone says four thirty in the morning. You hear car engines start and idle in place. There’s one, now two, three and four. What gives? Is there a radical place to go watch the sunrise which does not crest for another two and a half hours? You listen, you wonder, you snuggle in a little tighter to that sleeping bag and then you decide if you don’t head to the outhouse, the outhouse is happening inside the snuggly sleeping bag.

Zip, Zip, and CRACK! What in the world?

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From the Land of Corn and Kitsch

With my roots dug into Iowa, I was always quick to correct those who said, “Iowa? Land of potatoes, right?”

“NO! Corn. Idaho is potatoes; Iowa is corn.”

Well, apparently, Iowa does not hold the corner on the market. Welcome to Western Minnesota and South Dakota. I learned Olivia, MN, about two hours west of Minneapolis, boasts itself to be the CORN CAPITAL. I was dubious, but when I went into the local coffee shop on highway 212W, the tall dark haired woman behind the counter (the one who asked me if I wanted coffee mate with that small coffee) sported a shirt blazoned with: KEEP CALM and COB ON!

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