Riding the Waves of the Island…the Radio Waves

1922254_10151995040279163_1918126662_nHit the ON button of any home stereo or car radio in Sitka, Alaska, and the sound of KCAW Raven Radio, The Claw 104.7, will be on the dial. I suppose there are other stations reaching the island, but this is the local one. The one that draws visions of Northern Exposure and Chris the DJ. The transmission happens from the Cable House on Lincoln Street in downtown Sitka where the music, news, and public service announcements provide as much guidance for the locals as the noon church tones and the island’s blinking green signal lights along the coast. Continue reading


Beaver Moon in the Beaver State

IMG_2134Tonight is the November full moon. Each month the moon is named to correspond with the time of year or the events that generally occur. The Beaver Moon was named by the Native Americans who noted the beavers getting ready for winter by busily cutting down trees and securing their homes. Of course it could have been for the frontiersmen who hunted beavers for their fine pelts. Unfortunately, the haberdasher for these beaver top hats and the like used mercury in their production. Not very sustainable for the hat maker, that is. But it did give us the term The Mad Hatter.

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