Tulum: The Food Issue

Note to reader: The following blog contains content not suitable for all audiences: There is Food Porn and descriptive language; however, the word yummy has been restricted from use.

Raw Pad Thai

The sound of corn tortillas sizzling on the large grills couples with the smell of coconut oiled vegetables and meat frying. The hot sun encourages the passerby to stop and soak in the production. This is Mexico; the Mexico I expect with fish tacos, lime squeezed ceviche, burritos stuffed with spinach, peppers, and sauce that drips down your elbows. But after a few weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula it is not the traditional fare that draws me in and and makes me dizzy with options as blinding as the brightly painted buildings. Rather, I am entranced by creative cuisine that combines ingredients dating back to Mesoamerican times with practices more associated with the new age health scene. A combination that catapults food from tradition to transcendence. Continue reading