Alaska…the Skookum State

Mt. Edgecumbe
Mt. Edgecumbe on Kruzof Island, Alaska

Rhubarb plants swell in weed-like proportion with leaves capable of sheltering small mammals. The spring flowers continue to materialize days short of the summer solstice. Lilacs burst. Skunk Weed pole vaults from most every ditch. Flowering salmon berries promise sweet harvests ahead while the Sitka Spruce hangs with new buds inviting culinary harvesting.

Sitka is not in the part of Alaska where melons grow to the size of hot air balloons, nor where one cabbage is large enough to feed an entire village; however, it is a place where solid growth abounds both in nature and in the people. Continue reading


The Food Issue

IMG_1424Most magazines host a food issue, so why not the camper chick? While seeking out the next campsite, there is always one eye on my food bin. To keep supplies at a comfortable level, there have been farmers markets, fruit stands, and small grocery stores. I stroll aisles of most markets like some navigate a museum—standing back to admire the display, drawing nearer to note the subtleties, like the greens arranged at the Portland Farmers Market.IMG_2081 Continue reading