The Camper Yogini Adventure

In 2014, I set out to camp my way across the United State. Before you get all glossy eyed with being impressed by my moxie…it was car camping. I was hardly ever more than 200 feet from my vehicle, the one I could jump into if need be. After 12,000 plus miles, I criss crossed the U.S., stopping for a spell in California and turning east sometimes when I was supposed to be heading west. All of it was a huge learning experience for someone who has never truly camped!

In case you think I am being self deprecating, let’s make sure you know that not only did I have to watch the REI video two dozen times to set up my tent for practice inside my living room–with the shades pulled–but I spent those 12+ thousand miles in a sleeping bag that I had INSIDE OUT! When my friend asked why I used the bag in this fashion, I thought he was crazy. Inside out? My bag? No way…I’ve been in this bag over three months.

Alas, when the bag is folded the other way, the North Face logo appears in all its robust boldness. I am guessing North Face intends for their logo to be displayed on the outside of their items and not, say, next to my feet. Oh, so many turns this trip did take, and the thing is–I’m not done!



While I made it back to the southeast, my state of residence…which translates into: Where I pay my taxes…I wound up leaving within a few weeks for Sitka, Alaska. This community of eight thousand has embraced me and stolen my heart. So I plan to return again and find that stolen heart of mine. My blog is capturing some of the experiences of life in the 49th state and the reality that when I said I wanted to live my life wide open, the universe said: You mean this wide?

Thanks for visiting the blog and please drop me a line…especially if you have camping suggestions. You can ask camping questions as well. Shockingly, I may have an answer. More likely, I’ll make something up.

Rise early and seek adventure!

Ann: writer, yoga instructor, adventurer


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